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Analyst on Analyst Relations
Practical Secrets for Winning Big


Analysts on Analyst Relations is acomprehensive and practical guide to launching and operating a world-class analyst relations (AR) program. It incorporates the collective insights of over 50 successful, top-of-their-field analysts – voices often missing in the AR conversation. Contributing analysts represent top-of-the-market firms, from the giants that dominate like Gartner, Forrester, and IDC, to the critical one-person analyst shops that wield influence beyond their size.

In this second edition, author Robin Schaffer adds more topics and more analysts to the conversation. You’ll find new chapters that delve into category creation, the impact of AI, the analyst-investor ecosystem, startup AR, and a cringeworthy yet entertaining chapter on AR war stories.

Analysts on Analyst Relations is filled with challenges, aspirations, and advice on building strong relationships and presenting your company in the most positive light. It is an easy and enlightening read, with profitable insights for all, from the experienced analyst relations professional to the uninitiated entrepreneur.

Launch Party!

We're having a party! An online party that is! Join me, Robin Schaffer, along with the fabulous Duncan Chapple, Associate Director, Analyst Relations with CCgroup and Chris Holscher, Industry Analyst Relations specialist for B2B Tech Startups and Scaleups for the official launch of Analyst on Analyst Relations, Practical Secrets for Winning Big! We'll discuss the book, key findings and learnings, and open the floor to ask questions and comments from each of you!

This is a free event and in addition to great industry conversation, we're going to have some giveaways for attendees. It is a party after all! Click the link below to RSVP!

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