Success Stories

How organizations around the world use industry analysts to grow their business

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Making a Big Splash with Small Dollars

CircleLytics created market and concept awareness through a targeted AR program, exemplifying how startups can leverage analyst relations for business success. The results shatter the myth that AR success is limited to established vendors spending big dollars. 

Maurik Dippel, CircleLytics’ CEO, brings a disruptive concept to the employee engagement space. The solution facilitates employee dialogue to address virtually any  business challenge.. 


Maurik began working with Schaffer AR in October 2021 on a targeted campaign for validation, brand amplification, and message testing through the analyst community. Schaffer leveraged analyst interest in startup innovations to arrange (free) educational briefings on CircleLytics' unique approach and the significant value they were bringing to customers. 


The analysts were impressed with the new solution and quickly invited CircleLytics to participate in research and as well as provided other market exposure. Now that CircleLytics is a known entity, analysts can introduce the company to prospects and vet the company with investors. 


This case proves that with the right strategy, startups and scaleups can turn a small investment in AR into big results.