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In a downturn, industry analysts step up

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Smart businesses know how to spend dollars smartly. So how does that change when the economy is down? A lot.

Budgets are cut, belts are tightened. But the dream persists, challenges go on, and somehow, someway, you have to keep your momentum going. This can be a time of crisis or a time of opportunity.

Here’s where analysts come in. Think of analysts as much more than a channel to get your message out.

Great analyst relations is a low cost way to:

  • Perfect your product

  • Massage your messaging

  • Build your brand

  • Grow your go-to-market

  • Sharpen your strategy

  • Impress investors

Analysts can help with all of this based on their research of trends, customer needs, and competitor actions. They have a perspective you can’t afford to miss. They offer insights, feedback, and recommendations. They are a source of brilliance, and you can leverage that brilliance to drive your success.

Plus, getting on their radar can help you generate new business, amplify your brand, validate investors, find partners, and more.

It’s all great stuff. It is often free or low cost. It’s kind of mysterious, but can be a game changer in the right hands.

Who has the right hands? Find an excellent AR resource to build you a strategy and lead execution (we happen to be amazing, BTW).

Have you used analysts more, or in different ways, when funds are low?

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