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Startup TV... with Me! And Chris!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Analyst Relations Experts

What do analysts have to do with startups?


My buddy Chris Holscher and I did an exhaustive research project on this with the University of Edinburgh and got tons of data.

(you can read all about it here)

We are excited to launch a video interview series to bring this topic to life.

The State of Startups and Industry Analysts interviews bring you the experience of startup leaders, industry analysts, and members of the VC/accelerator community. Each show is a lively 30-minute discussion, chewing on all aspects of why and how to do analyst relations right. How to get the most value for the least time… how to do it on a startup’s budget…how to engage with analysts. Valuable, enlightening, stimulating ideas.

We’re planning to launch two episodes a month and already have four in the can. It’s great stuff. Put it on your diet. Tune in. Subscribe to the channel.

Our first show features Adam Coughlin, co-founder and CMO of Adam has a wealth of experience with analysts and gives his real world point of view. He nailed it when he said, “You should make analysts part of your journey - by engaging as early and professionally as you can - and by using their insights early.” But how? Adam, Chris and I shared some smart tactics.

For startups and scaleups, the ins and outs of working with analysts has its own style and rhythm. Analyst relations for mid-sized and large vendors is well established, with people and programs focused on it. Startups can get tremendous benefits, but don’t have the ready advantage of time and money. The series uncovers the secrets of making this work on your time and your budget.

What questions do you have? Who do you want to see on the show? What should we address? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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