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The Book of the Century LAUNCHES

Updated: Feb 29

This is the Book of the Century. Well, maybe not the century. Or even decade… or year. But it is a new and improved version of the best book I ever wrote. Or the only book I ever wrote. If I seem over-excited, that’s because I am. I love analyst relations, I love writing about it, and I love telling the world about this under-appreciated field that makes business better.

I started with my AR chops and then did a mind-meld with over 50 super-smart industry analysts. Their ideas, wisdom, and real-world wizardry fills the pages with practical and tactical strategies for success. If you’re a business geek like me, always looking for a competitive edge, this is the stuff that informs and excites.

What’s in the book? Analysts talking about who they are and what they do. Analysts talking about best practices for engaging with them. Analysts talking about what they want in briefings. And inquiries. And events. I can go on and on (which is why I wrote a book, instead of a memo).

Since the first edition in 2020, I’ve had dozens of new ideas, and a long list of new analysts and new firms I wanted to include–so this second edition became inevitable. Like the first, it clearly spells out the basics for AR newbies and advanced strategies for pros. But I doubled the content and added new chapters, including a great one for startups written by my pal Chris Holscher. Oh, and I couldn’t resist adding a few new jokes, and a new and horrifying chapter on AR war stories – which are funny as long as they’re about someone else.

I can’t wait for you to give it as Xmas gifts to friends and family. (What, no? I’m doing it.)

Here’s the book’s official description:

Analysts on Analyst Relations is a comprehensive and practical guide to launching and operating a world-class analyst relations (AR) program. It incorporates the collective insights of over 50 successful, top-of-their-field analysts – voices often missing in the AR conversation. Contributing analysts represent top-of-the-market firms, from the giants that dominate like Gartner, Forrester, and IDC, to the critical one-person analyst shops that wield influence beyond their size.

In this second edition, author Robin Schaffer adds more topics and more analysts to the conversation. You’ll find new chapters that delve into category creation, the impact of AI, the analyst-investor ecosystem, startup AR, and a cringeworthy yet entertaining chapter on AR war stories.

Analysts on Analyst Relations is filled with challenges, aspirations, and advice on building strong relationships and presenting your company in the most positive light. It is an easy and enlightening read, with profitable insights for all, from the experienced analyst relations professional to the uninitiated entrepreneur.

Wow. I love the way that sounds. I’m going to read it again…

Mastering AR can be game changing for tech vendors, and I truly believe the valuable guidance I’ve collected and disseminated in this book can improve your business and your sales.

We’re having an online Launch Party on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 11:00 ET. Chris and Duncan Chapple will be with me. We’ve got fun on the agenda and fabulous prizes to give out! REGISTER Here

Analysts on Analysts Relations costs $19.99. Buy it. Read it. Learn from it. Enjoy it. Then reach out to me. I’m eager to hear what you think.

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