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The Crystal Ball Reveals! 10 Analyst Relations Predictions for 2023

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

The New Year is the time for hope, a fresh start, and resolutions. It’s also a time for predictions, so let’s have some fun. The scientists, visionaries, and gypsy fortune tellers at The Schaffer AR Institute for Research, Futurology & Humor are throwing their turbans into the ring. Here’s what we forecast will happen in 2023:

Prediction 1:

73% of vendors who believe that AR is a “nice to have” will find themselves blowing all their budgets on marketing activities that bring little value compared to AR.

Prediction 2:

87% of self-assured upper management will ignore analyst suggestions and lose market share to their biggest rival.

Prediction 3:

13% of self-assured upper management will make breakthrough business decisions based on an analyst's insights.

Prediction 4:

At least one unknown struggling startup will be discovered by an analyst and as a result, skyrocket to fame and $fortune$.

Prediction 5:

7 out of 10 savvy vendors will profit handsomely when analysts suggest them to prospective customers.

Prediction 6:

Vendors that deliver compelling analyst briefings about innovative technology will outperform boring vendors 100% of the time.

Prediction 7:

72% of analysts will shake things up and redefine the market as they see it.

Prediction 8:

Only 9% of vendors will benefit by working with analysts to shake things up and redefine the market.

Prediction 9:

69% of AR professionals will have the best year of their lives. 31% will be jealous of them.

Prediction 10:

100% of vendors that work with Schaffer AR will give themselves a big pat on the back when basking in their accomplishments at the end of the year. And that’s a fact.

Don’t let great analyst relations slip away in 2023. Take your first steps towards tangible benefits (startups and scaleups), or super-charge your existing program with new ideas and energy (mid- sized and large vendors). Jump in and have fun with the possibilities.

What are your predictions?

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