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Investing in analyst relations helps you build credibility and drive revenue through influence. Check out some of these resources to learn more.


Check out Robin's blog for insights and advice on analyst relations. Witty and incredible poignant, Robin's unique perspective provides readers with useful tips and much more.

The Book on AR

Robin's book, Analysts on Analyst Relations: Secrets for Winning Big is a comprehensive and practical guide to launching and operating a world-class analyst relations program. It is an easy and enlightening read that features the insights of over 50 successful, top-of-their-field analysts.

Interview Series

Based on the State of Startups with Industry Analysts (SSIA) research, the interview series brings the topic of startups and industry analysts to light. Each interview features a startup, analyst, or VC/Accelerator discussing the in and outs of startup AR with Robin and fellow researcher, Chris Holscher of Listen and subscribe to the channel.

AR 101

Understanding the analyst relations game requires a deep dive into who analysts are and what they do.

SSIA Report

The State of Startups with Industry Analyst (SSIA) research is a collaboration with the University of Edinburgh. It is the first-of-its-kind research and the report provides key findings on the value of AR activities from the perspective of startups, industry analysts and VCs/Accelerators.

Robin's Guest Appearances

Catch Robin on podcasts, workshops, and interviews.

Add'l Resources

We aren't the only ones who love analyst relations! We've compiled a collection of resources on analyst relations and share them with you here. 

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