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 Success Stories

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Making a Big Splash with Small Dollars

CircleLytics created market and concept awareness through a targeted AR program, exemplifying how startups can leverage analyst relations for business success. The results shatter the myth that AR success is limited to established vendors spending big dollars. 

Maurik Dippel, CircleLytics’ CEO, brings a disruptive concept to the employee engagement space. The solution facilitates employee dialogue to address virtually any  business challenge.. 


Maurik began working with Schaffer AR in October 2021 on a targeted campaign for validation, brand amplification, and message testing through the analyst community. Schaffer leveraged analyst interest in startup innovations to arrange (free) educational briefings on CircleLytics' unique approach and the significant value they were bringing to customers. 


The analysts were impressed with the new solution and quickly invited CircleLytics to participate in research and as well as provided other market exposure. Now that CircleLytics is a known entity, analysts can introduce the company to prospects and vet the company with investors. 


This case proves that with the right strategy, startups and scaleups can turn a small investment in AR into big results.

Large, global services firm

From Great to Even Greater

A very large, global service organization covers an enormous breadth and depth of services. They are one of the top players in their field, often seen as the one to beat.  This is reflected in their very strong performance in analyst evaluation reports, such as the Gartner Magic Quadrant, the Forrester Wave and the IDC Marketscape.  It is an impressive company with an impressive analyst relations team and process.


Schaffer AR came into the AR team to support leadership in expanding the program even further.  Due to the high volume of market reports, and the thoroughness with which they participated, the team was consumed with responding. With a legacy of great results, the pressure was on to continue and even grow their dominance. That left little time and energy for proactive development of relationships.


Schaffer AR led several initiatives to support the team:

  • Conducted perception audits with dozens of analysts to capture their sentiment towards the firm overall and feedback on the AR relationship. This identified suggestions for business improvement as well as specific actions to strengthen engagement.

  • Created a proactive engagement plan for key analysts that laid out activities to interact more frequently and outside of report responses. This kind of engagement leads to increased value the business could gain out of the AR program.

  • Measured proactive performance through the engagements as well as monitoring coverage and inquiries.  The goal was to increase coverage and mentions as a result of greater engagement.

The program increased proactivity and awareness among the team and helped prioritize time for long term benefits. 

Case Study 2

Reinventing Analyst Relations from the Ground Up is scaleup in the artificial intelligence space that needed a complete rebuild of their analyst relations program.  They turned to Schaffer AR to establish new objectives and processes, and then lead ongoing execution.


The rebuild included redesign of the entire analyst engagement program. Schaffer AR determined goals and metrics based on H2O’s overall business objectives, trained spokespersons, developed the engagement plan, and more. The execution included facilitation of analyst briefings, perception audits, and managing major evaluations reports, such as the Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave.  


In phase 2, the program expanded to include peer review sites and sales enablement.  


The H2O relationship shows how Schaffer AR can take over an existing program and turn it into a strategic operation that minimizes time and effort, prioritizes focussed investments, and maximizes positive business results.  H2O has significantly improved their relationship with critical analysts and raised the profile of AR in the organization.

H2O Case Study

Starting Off On the Right Foot

InConcert competes in an extremely crowded market. They are a small provider of a modular, cloud-based contact center platform, facing much larger vendors in the market. The company came to Schaffer AR to introduce and differentiate InConcert with key analysts.


InConcert is based in Spain and has built their business in the Spanish-speaking market. With global ambitions, the need to engage analysts became critical to building awareness, particularly in North America.  


The company’s leadership team was unfamiliar with analysts and Schaffer AR built a program, complete with a compelling intro deck to analysts. The goal of the deck was to establish InConcert’s position as a strong up and coming player.  In addition, we trained and coached their spokespeople on the skills and messages needed to “wow” an analyst.  


InConcert also held a subscription with a major analyst firm, which gave them access to the knowledge and experience of key analysts in their space. Gaining valuable, actionable insights through inquiry is also a learned skill.  Schaffer AR helped InConcert establish clear and concrete goals for every inquiry in order to come away with clear and concrete recommendations.   


The Power of Momentum

A Case Study on How IDVerse Drives Success Through Effective Analyst Relations


IDVerse, an OCR Labs company, offers a SaaS solution for customer identity verification & fraud protection. Their commitment to technological differentiators like fully automated identity authentication, Zero Bias AI™, and universal access sets IDVerse apart and above competitors. IDVerse wanted to increase brand awareness and knew analyst firms were the key influencers. Schaffer AR was hired to achieve this goal.


The team at Schaffer AR quickly got to work identifying key analysts and reports that influence the market and coverage relevant to IDVerse. They then set a plan in motion to increase visibility and build credibility through regular cadence of communication with analysts and inclusion in reports.


Propelling Results: The Impact of Expert Spokespersons

Savvy spokespersons play an essential role in creating positive interactions. IDVerse has a team of dedicated individuals that passionately share their knowledge and adapt their presentation according to analysts’ coverage and interest. This communicative influence amplifies their credibility and trustworthiness. At Schaffer AR we equip these talented speakers with information and guide them through strategy, design, and feedback. 


Leveraging Analysts for Impact 

IDVerse had the foresight to understand the importance of relationship capital, and invested time in creating deep connections with analysts. This gave them a platform to share their noteworthy offerings, inspiring others and amplifying their reputation to the world. As a result, recent accomplishments, increased presence, and prestigious honors are coming their way.


IDverse has the trifecta for successful interactions; innovative solutions that set them apart from competitors, talented and knowledgeable spokesperson, and a commitment to engage and build strong relationships in the analyst community,  The company is earning third party validation and recommendation predicated on trust and credibility. 

Making Their Mark: IDVerse's Analyst Relations Success 

Recently, they increased their market presence with the following: 

  • Category leader Chartis Research Identity Verification (IDV) and Identity Fraud Solutions 

  • Included in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Digital Identity, 2023

  • Representative Vendor in Gartner Market Guide for User Authentication 

  • Representative Vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Identity Verification 

  • Platinum Winner for AI in Fraud Prevention Innovation Juniper Research - Future Digital Awards 

“The Schaffer AR team’s expertise, strategic insights, and meticulous attention to detail have been instrumental in excelling our analyst relations and brand awareness.” states Bina Mirchandani, IDVerse Sr. Director of Global Field Marketing. 


Through a combination of innovative solutions, expert communication, and building strong relationships with influential analysts, IDVerse has achieved an impressive level of market prominence and recognition. The success of IDVerse demonstrates that harnessing analyst relations can be a powerful tool for achieving a strong market presence.

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