About me

  • Solid AR experience in international corporations

  • Excellent at strategic B2B marketing

  • Team player with a track record of results

  • Wiz at customer experience, data & analytics, security, ERP and more.

For 25 years I've been a successful corporate ninja, building a career around my B2B marketing expertise as a strategist and can-do intrapreneur for international corporations.  About 14 years ago I realized how powerful a tool analyst relations could be and how little it was understood and utilized. My world changed. I hope to change yours a bit, too.

In essence, that varied background enables me to design an AR program that helps you reach your business objectives. I deal in measurable outcomes and real-world results. My goal is your success.


A strong analyst knows the market, the competitors and the client.  My special knack is to harness analysts' strengths and use them to grow sales and improve products -- in addition to moving the "dot" in reports.

Before AR, my expertise was strategic messaging, marketing communications, customer advocacy, sales community management, and writing.  But my true business education began as a kid with my family around the dinner table, in avid conversation with my father, district manager for the largest insurance company in the U.S., and my mother, who owned and ran a successful employment agency. Business is in my bones. 

My AR experience is varied.  I’ve worked at  companies that needed to evolve from reaction to a proactive program.  My first foray into the field was in NICE Systems, an Israeli-based company that leads their category in contact centers. From there I started a program at Unit4, an ERP company based out of the Netherlands - a different space and a vendor in a very different position in the industry. They sought to be recognized among much larger players.  Next, I joined Collibra, a data management firm looking to evolve through the hyper-growth phase and create a new category.


Today I am a consultant helping companies use AR in new ways.  Would love to help you, too.

I am a team player in a team sport.  Let's make a plan.


+1 908 421 5313