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The Team

The Schaffer AR team brings a breadth of technology expertise, strategic thinking and sharp attention to detail, ensuring client expectations are exceeded every day.

Robin Schaffer Headshot

Robin Schaffer

Robin is a Chief AR Wiz, AR author and all around fun person. She has been entrenched in the AR world for 15 years, having built programs for several international companies. She brings her passion and business acumen into every engagement.  More


Jane Mohr

Jane is an AR Wiz who puts her 20+ plus years in marketing and sales to work, delivering big results for our clients. 

Jennifer Belz Headshot

Jennifer Belz

Jennifer is an AR wiz that brings a dynamic mix of marketing prowess and travel technology expertise to her clients.

Mary Oskirko 2

Mary Oskirko

Mary is a long-time AR Wiz, having spearheaded AR programs for 20 years.  She provides depth and expertise to AR programs and brings a relentless drive for execution.

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