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About Robin

  • Analyst relations author and evangelist

  • Broad background in strategic B2B marketing

  • Team player with a track record of results

  • Wiz at customer experience, data/analytics, security, ERP and more.

Business is in my bones. I launched my first enterprise at age nine, selling Christmas cards. My marketing education began around the dinner table, growing up with two successful, entrepreneurial parents, and it continued through college, running my own business in my 20s, and for 25 years as a successful corporate ninja.

That long and comprehensive background in strategic messaging, communications, product marketing, customer advocacy, sales training, field marketing, and more, informs all my efforts. I have a deep-seated drive towards successful business objectives defined by measurable outcomes and real-world results.

Analyst relations was a mid-career revelation. I was thunderstruck by how influential and knowledgeable analysts are and how their potential was frequently untapped, misunderstood, or mismanaged. AR became my business passion, and remains so today.

I’ve headed analyst relations programs at three global vendors: NICE Systems, an Israeli-based leader in contact centers;  Unit4, an ERP company based out of the Netherlands;  and Collibra, a data governance firm out of New York City. I’ve since became a consultant, working with some of the largest corporations on the planet, but with a particular and personal calling to bring AR value to truly innovative startups and scale-ups.

I am a consultant, evangelist, and author focused on analyst relations. I’m a team player who measures my success by the success of my clients, my cohorts, and our missions. I love this job.

If you’re AR curious, give me a call. I look forward to meeting you!


+1 908 421 5313




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