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We work with companies of all sizes with a variety of services.  


Fully outsourced AR and
Perception audits

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Program launch and management

 Case study

Large, global services firm

Strategic advisory and
Perception audits

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Spokesperson training and
message development

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Program Strategy and Management
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Consultation and program execution


Flexible hourly support


Evaluation of AR value 


Share of voice and
performance reporting

What people say

"Inventive, Goal-Getter, Team-Player, Gets the job done"

Ton Dobbe, Global Head of Product Marketing

Four things that characterize Robin: Inventive, Goal-Getter, Team-Player, Gets the job done. She was brought into Unit4 to take over AR and build a strong program that differentiated us with the major analyst firms. I've been impressed by how she built a two-way dialog with the most influential analysts in the industry that not only grew the value we obtained in R&D, Product Management and Marketing, but also helped to build better momentum around product launches.

"A powerful AR program for a complex business in a highly competitive industry. "

Erik Snider, Communications VP

Robin worked for me at NICE Systems from 2010-2014 when she ran a powerful AR program for a complex business in a highly competitive industry. NICE was consistently positioned as a clear leader in the market, thanks in much to her work. I thoroughly enjoyed our working relationship and found her to be energetic, proactive, and always positive. What impressed me most was that Robin knew she ran an outstanding AR program, yet she was always looking for new ways to raise the bar.

"An extension of your AR team"

Inbal Aharoni, Marketing Director, SQream

Before we even began working together, Robin had high standards to meet. Based on the due diligence conversations we were having with some of her clients, Robin had a lot to live up to. It was obvious from our conversations that people considered her instrumental to the success of their AR programs.Once we began working with her, we were quick to see why.  Robin owns her space – she has a deep understanding of the intricacies of the analyst – business relationship, the transactions between them, and how to navigate this. Working together with you, she does the research, sets a plan, trains the team and starts running. She is a master communicator, who knows how to integrate what the client is saying, with what the analyst is hearing. Most importantly, she has a clear and unbiased view of the big picture, keeping things on-track, and ensuring that everything you do is focused on achieving the end-goal. She is so in touch with what you need to do that she functions, in essence, as an extension of your AR team.Working with Robin has become one of my favorite parts of the day, and given me a new perspective on the limitless opportunities which can be tapped through a well-planned AR program.

"..fully assessed where we had gaps in the current AR strategy"

Annie Headley, Global Head of Brand and Communications

We were in need of an AR consultant and Robin came highly recommended to me by my network. Within 4 weeks of onboarding, Robin had already fully assessed where we had gaps in the current AR strategy and provided new plans to address our long and short term business objectives. She was adept at seeking out subject matter experts within the company and connecting their areas of expertise with the right analyst to fully optimize our sphere of influence.  I highly recommend Robin for any company. She is a pleasure to work with and is a consummate professional.

"She addresses every challenge with strategic thinking"

Dr. Nick Jewell, Head of Product Marketing

Robin is an absolute FORCE OF NATURE in the world of Analyst Relations! She’s been transformational in the way that our group has developed and nurtured relationships with the leading analysts in the Analytics, Data Science and Process Automation space. She pays such close attention to what these analysts are doing/thinking/saying that I’m always receiving amazing (yet concise) snapshots of the latest research content to make sure my team stay on top of our complex, ever-changing industry! None of this would happen without her dedication and professionalism: Thanks Robin!

"Robin was the obvious choice"

Duncan Chapple, AR expert

I've known Robin for 10 years. She is a consummate AR professional. Robin creates analyst relations programs that are proactive, strategic and steady. When we looked for a role model to speak at the Analyst Relations Forum, Robin was the obvious choice. She worked in almost every B2B marketing role before coming into AR. She also has huge experience working with salespeople in the field and senior leaders. I've found her to have an ambitious spirit, able to figure out complex challenges, and with a solid a "can do" attitude. Her results are impressive and I look forward to more years of working together.

"Much needed extra set of hands"

Allen Valahu, Global Head of Industry Analyst Relations, Accenture

Robin has helped support our AR program with a much needed extra set of hands for important projects.  She addresses every challenge with strategic thinking and quality execution and has proven to be a very strong asset.

"Smart and very experienced"

Anders LIf, Marketing VP

"I had the pleasure of having Robin on my team for several years at Unit4. She managed our analyst relations program which she re-engineered and modernized. Due her hard work and determination she managed to help Unit4 achieve great success. Robin is easy to work with, is highly independent yet transparent, she is smart and very experienced."

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