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Grow fast and beat the competition


Industry analysts (i.e., Gartner, IDC, Forrester) are powerful weapons for ambitious B2B tech startups/scaleups. Larger vendors benefit from analyst relations and you should, too.  


Guidance and advocacy by analysts leads to new opportunities, brand awareness, product feedback, strategy advice, and more. 


The analyst relations wins are yours for the taking.


Consider this: 

  • If you’re covered by analysts you have an  80% survival rate after 5 years, on average.  Way higher than typical.

  • Industry analysts are consistently named top influencers of B2B tech buying decisions.

  • Analysts want to mention disruptive vendors and technologies to buyers  ...and that equals new leads for you. 

  • It costs little to begin.  Analyst Relations is not pay-for-play.

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Start today

Schaffer AR will  create a complete, right-sized analyst relations program for you in under 2 months... and then execute on a monthly basis.

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AR Launch service



Review the
State of Startups and Industry Analysts

by the University of Edinburgh Research.

Interview Series


Based on the SSIA research, the interview series brings the topic of startups and industry analysts to light. Each interview features a startup, analyst, or VC/Accelerator discussing the in and outs of startup AR.

AR 101

Analyst Relations 101

Understanding the AR game requires a deep dive into who analysts are and what they do.

Free Chapter on Startup AR!

Analysts on Analysts Relations_edited.jpg

Analysts on Analyst Relations is a robust book filled with insights gathered from industry analysts.  This free chapter focuses on startup AR.  Get yours today.

Analyst Relations For Startups and Scaleups

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