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SSIA Interview Series with Robin Schaffer and Chris Holscher

The SSIA Interview Series is a bi-weekly video podcast hosted by analyst relations specialists Chris Holscher and Robin Schaffer. We speak with practitioners across the B2B tech playing field. You get first-hand experiences, from innovative startups and the people in charge of product-market-fit, brand reputation, and scaling the business. And you get the inside perspective from industry analysts who constantly examine vendor relevance, buyer demand, innovative approaches, and the changes and disruption that happen to entire categories that seemed to be cemented just yesterday...

#1 - Interview with Adam Coughlin of

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Meet Adam Coughlin

Adam Coughlin is the Co-Founder and CMO of, a startup investment and advisory firm, headquartered in Manchester, USA. Adam has more than 10 years of experience in B2B tech at enterprise-, midsized and small companies and has seen the challenges and benefits of working with industry analysts from every angle. is currently working with ca. 75 startups from seed to scaleup stages. Therefore one key point in the conversation was how analyst houses should align their offerings better to the evolving needs of startups along their growth journeys. And Adam shares how startups should up their game, too, and seek guidance on working with industry analysts more proactively and strategically. Adam shares critical insights on accelerating product market fit, brand amplification and more by using industry analyst relations smartly.

Meet The Hosts


Robin Schaffer
Schaffer AR

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Robin is a Chief AR Whiz, AR author and all around fun person. She has been entrenched in the AR world for 15 years, having built programs for several international companies. She brings her passion and business
acumen into every engagement.


Chris Holscher

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Chris is an industry Analyst Relations specialist bringing the expertise from some of Europes most successful MNC-grade IAR-programs to the b2b tech Startup and Scaleup community and ecosystem. Gladly addicted to Scandinavia and to third-wave coffee.

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